High Point Village: This Quarter’s Featured Community Cause – Lubbock TX

Hi, I’m Jeff Shropshire. I’d like to introduce you to High Point Village. High Point Village is our community partner for this quarter. High Point Village is a nonprofit that serves Lubbock and the surrounding areas. They do amazing things with amazing families. You can check out information about them on our website or their website directly.
How we’re supporting them is simple. For this quarter, for anybody who lets us quote their home and auto, or their business, we’re going to be donating $10 in your name to High Point Village. Refer somebody to us, we quote their insurance, we’re going to be donating $10 to High Point Village.
You can also donate directly to them through our website by going to shropshireinsurance.com, going to our community partner’s page, and there’s a button to click directly to High Point Village. Let’s raise a lot of money this quarter for High Point Village.

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